Does Music Distract Kids From Learning?

Have you ever wondered if music distracts kids from learning? Does slower music make you concentrate better? Well if your wondering, I will be answering those questions for you. So lets get started!

I personally don’t think music distracts kids from learning. I think it helps some people concentrate on their work. This teacher says “Music acts like white noise, some students can’t tune out things like a pencil dropping”. This is true because some of my peers tell me music helps them concentrate. This person on says music helps him or her to concentrate and it works as a stress reliever. Another person on says “Music basically puts you in a trance that allows you to focus and enables you to relax”. So enough of that, lets move on.

Does slower music make you concentrate better? Well this person thinks slower music helps them concentrate him or her said “Mozart works very well, and classical music is a awesome tool for increasing concentration”. I find slower music helps me work better because faster music I’ll be tempted to sing along and lose concentration. This person said that you shouldn’t listen to fast rock, heavy metal or loud drums. Also music can help you study UNCC 49’er says sounds like waterfalls, sea shore, and ect. help you concentrate better. Ok there’s still a lot more!

I personally rarely listen to music while working because I can’t concentrate, also it depends on my mood I’m in. The majority of my friends, classmates, ect. can work while listening to music. My language teacher says it’s out generation, we can multi task really well. Other teachers might think music while working is bad but I don’t think that’s true. My math teacher doesn’t let us listen to music during class because in science, french, Art, ect. they want you to learn not goof off and learn nothing, it’s their job to teach us. Wow were almost done here!

SO now you know my point of view and other peoples point of view on this topic “Does music distract kids from learning? If you have your own point of view feel free to share it. That concludes my blog on music.


11 thoughts on “Does Music Distract Kids From Learning?

  1. I know that music helps a lot of people think amd concentrate better but I don’t like listening to music while I work. I can’t concentrate when I am listening to music. I like to work in silence because I get a lot more done and feel more like doing my work. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I agree that teachers should let students listen to music because I know a lot of people like doing it. There are some things that you missed. You only have 2 supporting points but I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more.

  2. I think Music can help people concentrate with what you are working on . I can listen to music when I am working , but it almost feels like when I listen to music I need to work on something . Teachers need to let students listen to music to make there brain flowing better ! Teachers should tell the kids to listen to appropaite school music , not music with a lot of swearing . Amazing ideas but as amathew8306 said you did miss some things , but overall great job !

  3. Great APES response! When I’m in language class, Sometimes I bring my Ipod to listen to songs. When I click something or write, I just go with the beat in my music.
    Sometimes when I try to change the song, it somewhat wastes my class time and would be really annoying even when you’re trying to do an assignment. I would change the song every 3 – 4 minutes. So I would agree and disagree to this question. (I don’t know if that counts!) Anyway I liked your post and I can’t wait to read more!

  4. I agree,but studies show that music can affect your mood and wreck your train of thought. Music can help you concentrate but most of the time it makes you get off task. Usally once your song ends you go to change it then you get distracted by the screen so you continue playing on it. I’m looking forward to read more blogs.

  5. personally i think that music does help me work better, rather than having silence, because it helps me consuntrate. but the bad thing is when i here the music it helps me consuntrate but don’t do my best, then again when i don’t have music i get distrcted alot. So i agree with you. i liked the way you wrote your blog. good job.

  6. Your writing is becoming quite organized @chinkley7920 . You follow the APES format well, giving good supporting points and a solid extension to back up your Answer. Good work.

    I think that you are at the point where you can start seriously thinking more about where you get your information from. There are sources of information and then there are sources of information. You have found people that will corroborate (how do you like that word-look it up if you’re not sure what it means) your point of view but are they sources that I should trust? Look for more authoritative sources – in other words, sources that we might consider to be “experts” in this area.

  7. I Think Music is tne GREATEST tool for learing, especially when writing.For Me, I like to listen to electronic music (also known as Dubstep) and I think I work better during the time That I listen to Dubstep. I disagree with the comment “Slower Music Works Better” because I fnd myself bored while listening to slow music and enjoy fast-paced, electronic or Rock music to get me to focus, it my seem strange but it works for me. I like how you did research on this subject and showed your research resources that you used, extremely well written and organized, good job.

  8. I don’t think music distracts kids unless they use it unwisely. Most kids don’t use music responsibly but some of the kids do. When i listen to music it usely make me distracted from my work because I find that it is relaxing. During the time that i listen to music i get not a lot of work done.I dont think slower music makes you concentrate more because you are still listening to music but its just slowed down. Every person could have a diffrent P.O.V of this and most children would say no but if you look at an adults P.O.V they would probly say that it would be bd because technolgy is bad but everything around us is technolgy even a pencil. I think i get desracted more because with pencil because i love to draw random thing like walruses or trees because its fun for me.

  9. I personally think faster music is better. and if it’s louder, it drowns out more distractions. When i listen to faster music, I am able to focus more and work at a quick, yet efficient pace. It’s like a schoolwork metronome.

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