Does Music Distract Kids From Learning?

Have you ever wondered if music distracts kids from learning? Does slower music make you concentrate better? Well if your wondering, I will be answering those questions for you. So lets get started!

I personally don’t think music distracts kids from learning. I think it helps some people concentrate on their work. This teacher says “Music acts like white noise, some students can’t tune out things like a pencil dropping”. This is true because some of my peers tell me music helps them concentrate. This person on says music helps him or her to concentrate and it works as a stress reliever. Another person on says “Music basically puts you in a trance that allows you to focus and enables you to relax”. So enough of that, lets move on.

Does slower music make you concentrate better? Well this person thinks slower music helps them concentrate him or her said “Mozart works very well, and classical music is a awesome tool for increasing concentration”. I find slower music helps me work better because faster music I’ll be tempted to sing along and lose concentration. This person said that you shouldn’t listen to fast rock, heavy metal or loud drums. Also music can help you study UNCC 49’er says sounds like waterfalls, sea shore, and ect. help you concentrate better. Ok there’s still a lot more!

I personally rarely listen to music while working because I can’t concentrate, also it depends on my mood I’m in. The majority of my friends, classmates, ect. can work while listening to music. My language teacher says it’s out generation, we can multi task really well. Other teachers might think music while working is bad but I don’t think that’s true. My math teacher doesn’t let us listen to music during class because in science, french, Art, ect. they want you to learn not goof off and learn nothing, it’s their job to teach us. Wow were almost done here!

SO now you know my point of view and other peoples point of view on this topic “Does music distract kids from learning? If you have your own point of view feel free to share it. That concludes my blog on music.


TinTin Poster – Off The Wall

“I think this trip is going to be boring” Bill says to me before we get off the plane. Milou my dog skips through the plane cheerfully. “Wow look at this Bill, its gorgeous out here!” I was yelling into the plane. As they walk out of the plane the tour guide stuns us and said “Welcome too the Amazon Rain Forest!”. I whisper to Bill ” This man looks really peculiar”. The tour guide comes right over to me, looks at me straight in the eyes and says “Rumor has it there’s this gem lost deep in the Rain forest in some kind of chamber.” “How do you know this?” I looked at him weirdly.

“Oh my gosh, this is so stupid” I say almost falling asleep. Bill screams in my ear “TinTin wake up!”. “I had a dream where we were in the jungle on a school trip.” I said  while rubbing my eyes. ” We’re in the Amazon Rain forest to be exact.” Bill says to me. “The creepy tour guide told me there is this gem hidden deep in the rain forest, I think we should try too find it.” I whisper in Bill’s ear. So they both take off and dissapeared into the rain forest, Milou didn’t realize TinTin and Bill left so he curled up and went to sleep. As they’re running away they suddenly stop, they hear very close growling. They turn around carefully and see this unusual purple creature. They both freeze then Bill screams “RUN!!!!!!.” They quickly leap into a bush, the purple creature looks around and stalks away.

“Where are we?” Bill asks me, “Well I don’t really know” I promised “But wheres Milou?” We looked at each other and said “Uh oh”. ” MILOU? MILOU? We were yelling over and over again. “Well” I looked at Bill and said ” Were officially lost and I have no idea where Milou is, what a terrible day” I said bitterly.

All of a sudden Milou comes running out of no where and leaps into my arms, he starts licking my face joyfully. Milou stared to lead the the way back to where our campsite is. About 3 – 4 hours later we snook onto our campsite, we quickly sat down and watched the tour guide do this weird spiritual dance.

Years later Bill is an artist and I’m a writer, Bill stopped by my office one day and asked if we could make a movie about our adventure in the Amazon Rain forest. So right now we’ve created a poster and put them in classrooms around the world.

By: Cahi7920 🙂

EMERGENCY BLOG!! – Black Horned Rhino

Hello Chinkley7920 here again just wanted to tell everyone that the Western Black Horned Rhino has been declared extinct!! My dad told me about maybe 10 minutes ago and I said I NEED TO POST A BLOG ABOUT THIS so I did. Jamaica BServer says that “Last week they were declared extinct” This is terrible!!!!!! Now everyone think of what we can do to save the other species of Rhino’s, so Rhino’s in general wont go extinct. Thanks for your time I just wanted to make everyone aware of whats going on.

P.S. Sorry @bhughey no rough work.

How Pollution is Affecting Animals and our Planet

Do you know what garbage is doing to our environment and local animals? Well it harms our planet and our animals. 56.0 million people die in a year, there are more animal deaths says There is this terrible place in the Pacific Ocean called The Pacific Garbage Patch. Rgysbers1571 posted on her blog that there are “3.5 million tons of trash on this garbage patch”.  According to this person on EcologyIssues11 P2IvyN says ” An estimated 100,00 sea creatures die each year due to the Pacific Garbage Patch”.  Also ThinkQuest says “Oil spills, toxic waste, and dumping are killing off fish, turtles, sea life, and much much more.

On Monday I read an article in the Spectator. It said that birds, fish, and other animals are dying due to pollution. This is happening on the Georgian Bay. There was a picture of a dead bird, I just had to read it! I am truly an animal lover, when I see terrible thins like that. It makes me want to cry! When I read articles like this, I think to myself, what are we doing to our home we call earth? We need to change our ways.

Desert…Desert??? Desert!!! Desert animals are DYING!! Their dying because or our dirty messes due to plastics, we drop on the ground. All the animals that are living in the desert will soon be dead because of our carelessness. We need to change because all our camels, Coyotes, Mountain lions, ect. might go extinct because of some peoples terrible ways!

Please everyone just use the 3 R’s. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and we can change the world! Save the animals and the earth. Just think if we were dying because of pollution. So everyone just think green and keep our world clean!

By Yours truly Chinkley7920


Off The Wall: The Golden Cats

Once there was seven kittens that lived in a GIGANTIC house. There owner named Amy loved them, until one morning Amy woke up while it was thunder storming, she felt angry and cold hearted so she threw the kittens out side and left them. This creepy man in a dark lab coat scooped up all even kittens and took them away.

This man named Bill Hughenstien took the kittens into his lab, the kittens wailed and meowed. As the time went on Bill Hughenstien was constructing a potion, he didn’trealize that he messed up. This very nice man has been watching Mr. Hughenstien and the man didn’t want the kittens getting hurt, so he spied on Bill for a long time.

It’s been a fortnight since the man had been spying on Bill. Nothing much had happend since then. But a few minutes later Hughenstien came barging into the room screaming with rage! ” You darn cats get back in your cage!” he roars. “Now lets turn you filthy animals into frogs” he said. But then the man through himself into the window but it was too late the spell had worked…But instead of frogs the kittens were hard as a rock exactly like gold!

Ten years later Bill Hughenstien is a teacher, he shortened his name too Hughey and in his class room he puts items on his walls. So he was going through some boxes and he came across the cats, so he decided to put them on his wall. So his students could write off the wall!!!          The end!



Hey People!

Hey friends welcome to my blog! This is a place where I’ll be posting blogs, probably about animals 😛

So keep rolling around my blog every now and then to check for my new blogs! Talk to you soon!!!!


What is Making the Scarlet Macaw Endangered?

I think I know what you’re thinking. Oh she’s going to talk about a stupid bird. It’s not stupid. They are endangered because of mankind is cutting down the rain forest! Also they are endangered because poachers go to the macaw’s nest and steal their babies.

Mankind is cutting down the rain forest for wood. When you destroy the canopy you might kill a macaw family. On this web page ThinkQuest says that “The most important reason for cutting down the rain forest is for wood. Also I found this website that has a list of a lot of endangered animals. Liza says “That over half of the animals in the rainforest are endangered or threatened”. This is a definite reason for why the Scarlet Macaw is endangered. Enough of that, let’s move onto something different!

Poachers are taking baby Scarlet Macaws from the nest to be put in pet stores to be sold as pets. In the early years they were killed for their beautiful feathers. But now poachers take the young to sell and make money. They are endangered this way because poachers take the babies, the adults die and the babies can’t have their own families. I think this is the most important reason for why the Scarlet Macaw is endangered.

There was a lot of websites that I went on and this one person was like”I love the blue and gold, the scarlet is really pretty.  But the thing is they don’t know where their macaw is from. I know all of this because a lot of the websites that I went on they all had similar comments too. 

I think that point of view is horrible because the Macaws are supposed to be in the wild not in a cage in the pet store or a house. This upset me because poachers took the babies from the nest and sold them. I think that cutting down the rain forest is bad but we need paper to work on (but not a lot of paper). What I don’t get is why mankind is just taking the baby Macaws. They deserve to be left in the wild.

Now you know why the Scarlet Macaw is endangered. See it’s not a stupid bird. Also I don’t understand why mankind would kill such a beautiful bird, or why they would cut down the rain forest. I think they should really stop taking the babies from the nest so the species can take their name off the endangered animals list!


Do you think abusing animals is right!?!?

So I’m guessing you know what my blog is about….if you don’t, it is about abusing animals! Well, do you think abusing animals is right?? It’s not!! I am going to tell you about why I think abusing animals is wrong.

I went to S.P.C.A. camp this march break. I was well-informed that, abusing animals is wrong on so many levels! They have bunnies in therapy right now because they have been mistreated, they have dogs that if you make eye contact with them they go ballistic!! I think the government should give money to the S.P.C.A. to help them with food, toys, surgeries, and shavings for the critters.

My animals give me a lot of love and I can’t stand seeing animals that have been mistreated. It makes me so sad, looking into those terrified eyes! Who ever is reading this don’t you think is sad to? Tell me below if you think so!

Also I think seeing eye dogs are important too! I think that because they help blind people walk and do other stuff! If you go to this site you can learn about how seeing eye dogs are so important! This site tells me that they are perfect for the job. They said ” Seeing eye dogs may be one of the most important K9 jobs in out current society”!

Animals are living things too, we should treat them with respect. How would you like it if your mom and or dad abused you?! So think about it! We are all living things! Animals do feel pain just like us, so if I poked you in the eye you would feel pain right? Well animals will feel that too! So my point is don’t abuse animals!!

I found this website it is about abusing animals and this one comment said “God has made animals for mankind to kill them and eat.”
I think this is wrong, god didn’t make animals so we could eat them, he made them so we could have company.
God made certain animals to have as house pets and some animals to eat.

So what I’m trying to say is don’t abuse animals and support your nearest S.P.C.A.! Also treat animals with respect because they are living things just like us!

By: Cahi7920 :):)